10/15 'New World Order' Award; Huge USRAELI Military Exercises'; US Opposes Palestinian Unity; Clampdown Tightens, DoD Engages

"It is of course well known that the only source of war is politics -- the intercourse of governments and peoples. . . that war is simply a continuation of political intercourse, with the addition of other means. War is not a mere act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political activity by other means"
from Clausewitz's On War from an Instructors Guide to teaching Clausewitz at the US National War College, Washington D.C. -

"War is the continuation of politics...by other means...History shows that wars are divided into two kinds, just and unjust.... The way to oppose a war of this kind [unjust/imperialist] is to do everything possible to prevent it before it breaks out and, once it breaks out, to oppose war with war, to oppose unjust war with just war, whenever possible."
"On Protracted War" (May 1938), Selected Works, Vol. II, pp. 152-5

"Revolutions and revolutionary wars are inevitable in class society, without them it is impossible to accomplish any leap in social development, to overthrow the reactionary ruling classes and therefore impossible for the people to win political power."
"On Contradiction" (August1937), Selected Works, Vol. I, p. 344

Afghan Resistance Statement
Open Letter of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to Shanghai Summit

10/11/09 Urgent 'Swine Flu' update

Editor: This is a new improved 'short course' others can modify for media and broader distribution. Fortunately professional & public skepticism and resistance is growing, but truthful information, necessary to make informed decisions, is suppressed in u.s. media

Study prompts provinces to rethink flu plan
September 30, 2009, Globe and Mail

10/7/09 Eight Years Later: Afghanistan Savaged, U.S. Losing, Resistance Winning

8 years ago today, under the pretext of 911, the u.s. launched an unjust war against Afghanistan as a critical step toward its global hegemonic goal. 8 years later, having installed a quisling govt., massacred thousands and laid waste to another sovereign nation, a massive, growing national resistance [aka 'taliban' / al qaeda] is defeating its forces - so u.s. plans a massive escalation of 'counter-insurgency' combined with 'counter-terror' state terror - to 'protect the Afghan people' and 'american national security' in its fascist 'AfPak' project.

UN: Record number of Afghan civilian deaths in 2009
By Tom Eley
28 September 2009
The United Nations mission in Afghanistan recorded about 1,500 civilian deaths in the first six months of 2009, a 24 percent increase over the previous year and a record in the eight-year-old war. August witnessed the most civilian killings, largely due to violence associated with that month’s elections, the report said. It provided no figure for the August death toll. The report—the Mid-Year Bulletin on the Protection of Civilians in Arme d Conflict in Afghanistan—only tallies recorded deaths. It therefore underestimates the number of civilian deaths caused by the war, many of which go unreported: http://www.uruknet.de/?p=58371

u.s. 'produces its own gravediggers'
"We are all Taliban"

9/27 'U.S.Knew of Iranian Plant for Years'; Martial Law in Pittsburg; A Real Iranian Myth; Info. War to Control 'Perceptions'

digest commentary

Major media world news of meticulous but transparent propaganda with the usual set-up Q&As between anchor and 'experts' to sell U.S. line as 'news and info. Iran's 'violation of international agreements' narrative is a desperately needed storyline tauting U.S./ Obama statesmanship - coincidentally of course, 'political capital' for better arm-twisting major capitalist rivals Russia and China into joining a U.S. dominated 'international community' 'united front' - Iran being the centerpiece in the broader USRAELI global agenda.
Altering facts, alongside whole-cloth lies, the basic storyline goes: U.S. exposed [what it knew for years] Iran's 'buried deep underground' [from much-threatened possible USRAELI attack] second nuclear 'bomb' site, but obama's masterful leadership 'demanded' Iran's sudden agreement to allow in inspectors...
after Iran publicly announced their welcome 3 days earlier. This flimsily fabricated drama was enhanced by a new made-in-usa 'successful counter-terror' op. - all fodder for the increasingly weakened admin. to sell the planned expanded 'AfPak' war to the disenchanted - who are very clear that imperialist 'liberators' cannot defeat the growing resistance called 'taliban/alqaeda'.
Missing as always from this obscene media propaganda war is how savagely U.S international and domestic fascist terror - aka national security - are 'protecting the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Amerika ... and the rest of the world from anti-imperialist liberation.

'U.S. knew of secret Iranian nuclear plant for years': Sr. US Official

NB: Obama, executor-in-chief of #1 state of mass murder, including the use of nuclear WMD, for global domination
"The size and configuration of this facility is inconsistent with a peaceful program"

9/24 AfPak:BullShift: "Wrapping defeat in euphemism"; U.S.Manufactures Higher Stage of Terror; Obama: Blogs Threaten Democracy

Support the peoples' just national anti-imperialist-zionist resistance...everywhere!

... an ominous warning & threat from friendly face...
Obama calls for 'new era of engagement' in world
At UN general assembly, Obama urges international support for US wars
By Tom Eley

9/20 "Squeeze Iran, Reassure Israel"; "Iran Opposition" Exposes its USRAEL Role; Creating Ahmadinejad's War Words

Obama Strategy to Squeeze Iran, Reassure Israel:

digest commentary
The 'Iranian Opposition' did a welcome self-exposure of its pro-USRAEL/anti-Palestine role as it tried, on behalf of its masters, to wreck the annual Palestine support demonstration drowning out chants of "death to u.s./israel' with "death to the dictator, death to Russia", "not Gaza, not Lebanon, our life is for Iran" in opposition to support for Palestinian national liberation fighters. No denunciation of U.S. war provocations. The loyalties of so-called left 'anti-imperialist' apologists who have been promoting this made-in-amerika 'human rights' shit as a genuine, spontaneous 'anti-theocracratic 'peoples' revolution now also stand treacherously naked.
Opposing USRAEL crimes does not imply support for capitalist theocratic Iran, but those assisting the imperialist-zionist destabilization of Iran for its
global domination/ eretz israel agenda borrow a page from a slimy 'anti-semitism' propaganda trick: unable to counter the truth, the US/NGO led 'opposition', and its defenders, change the subject when exposed to attack its critics as 'racist' and 'pro-Iranian theocracy', in anti-imperialist drag.
This hideously revealing display should put a nail in the coffin of these intentional and unintentional agents

The primary responsibility of anti-imperialists is always: exposing and opposing 'their homeland' imperialism, for us the US and its proxy israel, #1 world state terrorist destroyer; supporting in word and deed mass anti-capitalist struggles worldwide, supporting our common enemy's setbacks and defeats.

Crowds of Iran protesters crash government's anti-Israel rallies

9/18 The Brute Factory: from Somalia to Ohio; Black is Back: Coalition to Fight Imperialism; Girl Scout War Preps

commentary: IT'S WAR - WE NEED TO ENGAGE
Capital lives and grows by war, different kinds of war, war that must suck the blood and life out of 'us' worldwide or die. But the U.S. war for global hegemony has been a new, desperate type of imperialist war because if loses global supremacy to upcoming rivals and revolutions, U.S. finance capital is dead.

911 was the long-planned pretext and starting gun for a new phase and type of capitalist war against the masses of working and oppressed peoples and nations.
Now we are more directly the enemy. Yesterday's 'reds' became today's 'terrorists'. Bush speechwriters phrased the constant war m.o. succinctly: "If you aren't with us, you're with the terrorists"... 'us' as in 'US'.

US imperialist war is no longer to jsut defeat rival nations as with previous conventional world wars. It is now a ubiquitous, total *'constant conflict', 'preventive war' against potential threats, 'non-state actors', 'suspected terrorists', to conquer the world and us.

No more middle-ground. State terrorism declared war on all opposition or resistance. The official "GWOT"strategy in the 2002 United States Government, National Security Strategy of the United States codified the 'preventive counter-terrorism' strategy announced by Clinton in May 1998 Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 62 with a National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counterterrorism .

The NSS 2002 blueprint spells out the terrorfying agenda Obama was hired to execute continuing and expanding the Bushwhacked regime's.
1998 Visions of Governance for the Twenty-First Century Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy, Philip Zelikow director, http://www.hks.harvard.edu/visions/publication/terrorism.htm

9/11/9 The Pretext to Conquer the World by Destroying It If Necessary

We are entering a new American century, in which we will become still wealthier, culturally more lethal, and increasingly powerful. We will excite hatreds without precedent. There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault. To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing. http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/97summer/peters.htm

9/11/9 digest comment:
Due to continual crashing and loss of work in progress this issue cannot be completed, but the basics are here that expose this monstrous crime by U.S. imperialism in its 'homeland' as pretext to launch its global war of state terror.

Under Obama the bipartisan U.S. 'National Security' Agenda has expanded and intensified, a friendlier face of fascsism accomplishing what what was impossible, though begun under Bush. Even this tactical switch garbed in smiley-face-silver-tongued lies is unable to do what is necessary for the finance capitalist ruling class successfully because the more ruthless it becomes the more its hegemonic arrogance unleashes meets increasingly unified opposition and resistance.

A Global Empire by Destruction, Terror & Death: 911 and the Great American Decline

5/19/09 Zelikow's "Public Myths" & 911:Commission Claims Based on Torture;

9/7 What You Need to Know, part 2: Biotech Knew Pandemic Possibilities: 'Mexico's Potential Collapse' & US Military Intervention


Homeland Security News

Swine Flu – U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency
April 26, 2009
Swine Flu – Outbreak in Mexico, U.S. Tied To New Unique Strain
MSNBC Reports Outbreak in Mexico, U.S. Tied To New Swine Flu The unique strain of swine flu found in seven people in California and Texas has been connected to the deadly flu that has broken out in Mexico, killing as many as 60 people, NBC News has confirmed. The strain has never been seen before and is raising fears of a possible pandemic across North America.
The World Health Organization said it was concerned at what it called hundreds of “influenza-like” cases in Mexico, and also about the confirmed outbreak of the new strain of swine flu in the United States. The World Health Organisation said there are 800 suspected swine flu cases in Mexico and seven cases reported in the southwestern United States.

It was not immediately clear whether Mexican authorities had identified the outbreak as that of swine flu, as labeled by the WHO....
Tests in Mexico found patients were infected with H1N1 and type-B influenza strains and the parainfluenza virus.... In the U.S., doctors discovered a new strain of H1N1 swine influenza in patients in San Diego County and Imperial County, California, and in San Antonio, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta said today. “It will be critical to determine whether or not the strains of H1N1 isolated from patients in Mexico are also swine flu,” Donald Low, an infectious diseases specialist at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, told the Canadian Press. Authorities in Mexico asked the Public Health Agency of Canada to help identify the cause of the lung illness linked to 20 deaths, including two in the state of Baja California Norte, which borders California.

9/3/9 What You Need to Know: Examining the Medical System Overhaul, part 1

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience
Albert Camus, French novelist, essayist, and playwright 1913-1960

"The poverty of our century is unlike that of any other.... not the result of natural scarcity, but of a set of priorities imposed upon the rest of the world by the rich. Consequently, the modern poor are not pitied...but written off as trash. The twentieth-century consumer economy has produced the first culture for which a beggar is a reminder of nothing."
John Berger

"The financial crisis drives home to other nations that 'without an America that is successful financially, economically and therefore also politically, they're not going to be successful... If we don't function well, no one functions well."
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama advisor, Jimmy Carter's National Security advisor
Tom Raum's "Global woes pose risks, also openings for US", Yahoo! AP 12/14/2008

U.S. DOMESTIC & INTERNATIONAL POLITICS ARE INSEPARABLY INTERCONNECTED PARTS OF THE FINANCE CAPITAL 'NATIONAL SECURITY AGENDA: we have no stake in the phony partisan electoral debate in bipartisan class dialectics: cutting capitalist costs to increase profits

What can ruling class do when an awakening, angry public opposes not just a predatory profit-making / care-cutting 'healthcare overhaul', but sever the 'reform' from U.S. bipartisan 'national security' agenda requiring the finance capital bailout being bled from working and oppressed peoples and nations worldwide ?

* decontextualize: sever medical care from the 'bailout' which refers only to TARP 'stimulus', not finance 'loans' - and sever from broader imperialist agenda

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