MH 17 & Gaza "Game Changers" for Whom?

As the US 'global sweep' to salvage its world supremacy focuses on Ukraine & Gaza, its state terror continues ripping the entire world into pieces to destroy capitalist rivals Russia & China -unless they cooperate - and to eradicate anti-imperialist resistance, aka 'terrorism'.
This issue to tries illustrate not only the fascist depravity of US imperialism, but its geopolitical strategic weakness and last-stand desperation
For in-depth background and analysis of the US 'global restructuring' operation, obviously planned long before the "ISIS crisis pretext, see recent digest issues including:

Palestine: Gaza holocaust part of US desperate restructuring plan greenlighted by bogus "ISIS crisis'

What's behind the ISIS Crisis"

'ISIS' used to kick-off US global restructuring operation (see recent digest series)
US 'al qaeda spinoff death squads pretexts for all occasions
ISIS 'We are operating in Gaza>
Beyond the claims and counter-claims, ISIS support among Gazans is growing—at least on on Twitter and YouTube, and in forums.

Fox confronts Kerry with hot-mike comment on Israel: ‘Hell of a pinpoint operation’
"Fox News Sunday," host Chris Wallace presented Secretary of State Kerry with video recorded before he came on air. (The segment begins shortly after the 11-minute mark in this video.) Wallace presented the segment as being in reference to civilians killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip. "While you were on camera and while on microphone," Wallace said, "you spoke to one of your top aides between the interviews about the situation in Israel." He played what the network recorded. In the clip, Kerry is holding a cellphone conversation with someone. The person on the other end of the call isn't identified, and the audio from the other participant is staticky. Kerry's comments are clear. "It's a hell of a pinpoint operation," he says, then repeats it. "It's a hell of a pinpoint operation" an apparent reference to Israel's insistence its incursion into the region would be limited. "It's escalating significantly," the person on the phone replies, Kerry then says: "We've got to get over there. I think we ought to go tonight.".[...]

Senate Defense Bill Doubles Obama Request for Israel’s Iron Dome, House version passed June 20

Why U.S. Ensures Israel's Qualitative Military Edge, QME
Andrew J. Shapiro, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs Remarks to The Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Washington, DC,

USrael pretend this treacherous betrayal never happened because it's an obstacle to 'peace process' narrative
Hamas-Fatah 23 April agreement to recognize israel in new unity government under Abbas, USrael agent PA president

US, Israel and PA accept Egypt Ceasefire plan
Hamas spokesmen in Gaza said it had not received the ceasefire proposal to discuss its demands which must be met before it lays down its weapons. Hamas has specifically called for the lifting of Israel's eight-year blockade on the Gaza Strip, the opening of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt and the release of Palestinian prisoners Israel rearrested after freeing them in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit in 2011...Obama said: "We are encouraged Egypt has made a proposal to accomplish this goal which we hope can restore a calm we've been seeking." ...he stressed US support for Israel in the face of Hamas's "inexcusable" attacks and voiced concern for Palestinian civilian casualties....PA President Abbas said he supported the Egyptian ceasefire initiative and urged all sides to comply... The Arab League also welcomed the Cairo initiative...

Envoy says US will work to get Abbas back ruling Gaza after conflict over
Dan Shapiro: ‘We’ll seek to help moderate Palestinians become stronger in Gaza'
Echoing remarks by Obama in public and in a phone conversation with Netanyahu on Friday, Shapiro said the US “strongly backs Israel’s right to defend itself. It’s intolerable for any state to have rockets fired at its citizens, or terrorists infiltrating via tunnels.” He said the US “understands the need for the current ground offensive...Asked if that support came with reservations, Shapiro said, “There is no ‘yes, but’ ” to that US backing. “At the same time, we worry about injury, after a [possible] further escalation, to civilians, on both sides by the way, and hope Israel will continue to run the operation in the way that minimizes the harm to civilians as much as possible.”...

Peres defends IDF airstrikes on Gaza
7/15/14 The Tines of Israel
Outgoing president Peres argued as long as the Islamic terrorists who rule the [Gaza] strip refuse to stop rocket fire against Israel after nine days of attacks have killed 200 Palestinians... “If they are shooting at us, and don’t let our mothers and their children...have a full night’s sleep, what can we do?” Jerusalem has no other choice...the 1994 Nobel Peace laureate bemoaned the state of the Arab world, beset by “small groups of terrorists destroying nation after nation”...Peres praised Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas...“a real and serious leader ready for peace —and I believe we can make peace with him....

Shimon Peres receiving Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor U.S. confers: " America and Israel should continue to work together to advance peace."
1/26/14 Full text Peres speech to Congress:

Peres: Israel Needs US for Existence
“We cannot exist alone. For our existence we need the friendship of the United States of America. It doesn’t sound easy, but this is the truth”
President Shimon Peres, Nov. 2011 speech to Jewish leaders urging them to meet US demands, broadcast by Israel Army Radio

Considering Israeli Ground Assault in Gaza
Stratfor Global Intelligence
At least 60 Palestinians were killed Sunday as Israel pounded northern Gaza sending thousands fleeing on day 13 of the deadliest assault on the enclave in five years...IsraelChannel 2 said IDF officials said Sunday they told civilians to leave the area days ago, ahead of IDF military action in a neighborhood regarded as a Hamas stronghold...“410 have been killed more than 3,020 injured, most civilians,” deputy health minister Yussef Abu Rish told reporters at Shifa hospital in Gaza City...medics warn a further rise from ongoing bombardment north and east of Gaza City.

Always US and its proxy's long-time final solution has been wiping the indomitable Palestinian liberation struggle off the map, with 'eretz israel's "QME" securing US domination
Full-scale invasion looms
7/20/14, 1:12 pm OPED:
Gloating at the Israelis it is killing, blackening Israel’s name by operating among Gaza civilians, and with much of its leadership and terror capacity intact, Hamas is drawing Israel ever deeper into the Strip...Hence the significance of Tzipi Livni’s refusal to rule out the possibility of this conflict expanding to where Israel seeks to bring down Hamas altogether.


Donetsk defence forces take control of army unit equipped with missile defence systems
Self-defence forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic have taken control over a missile defence army unit equipped with Buk missile defence systems, the press service of the Donetsk People’s Republic told Itar-Tass on Sunday. No details are available about the number and condition of the missile systems taken by the self-defence forces...

Kerry says evidence overwhelmingly points to Russian-backed separatists.
In a CNN interview Kerry said U.S. intelligence, as well as social media, "obviously points a very clear finger at the separatists. It's pretty clear this is a system that was transferred from Russia, We know with confidence — with confidence — that the Ukrainians did not have such a [surface-to-air missile] system in the area at the time this occurred,"

The Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane a Game Changer for Ukraine
7/17/14 - 03:13 PM
If the tragic downing of the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane flying over contested territory along the Ukraine-Russia border was caused by missile fire -- not by mechanical failure or some other cause unrelated to the Ukrainian conflict -- it is a game changer...If Ukraine is at fault, Obama's options of response are more limited: mainly reinvigorating efforts at negotiation....if Russia or pro-Russian forces are at fault, this puts Putin on the defensive to the point where a meaningful retreat is plausible -- not a retreat from Crimea, which appears to be lost, but a retreat on Eastern Ukrainian pressure points -- provided that Obama does in fact re-engage at a level commensurate with the stakes.

Has Russia's Strategy in Ukraine backfired on Putin?
The Malaysia Airlines crash brought the question of who was responsible to the doorstep of Russian President Vladimir Putin...Immediately after Thursday’s crash, the Kremlin issued a short statement summarizing 'a previously scheduled telephone conversation' with President Obama....The only reference to the crash came in one sentence at the end: “The Russian leader informed the US president of the report received from air traffic controllers immediately prior to their conversation about the crash of a Malaysian airplane over the Ukrainian territory.” But that might have been because Putin was in the air over Eastern Europe late Thursday afternoon... flying home from Brazil after a six-day Latin American tour....

Feinstein: U.S.-Russia relationship at Cold War levels
..."I think the world has to rise up and say, 'We've had enough of this. It's difficult, because you need Russian help in so many things: the P5+1, Syria. ..
Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chair Senate Intelligence Committee, on CNN's State of the Union

Congress: MH17 Crash Is ‘Act of Terror,’ and an 'Act of War', and Putin May Be to Blame
The reported downing of a Malaysian airliner over eastern Ukraine that resulted in the deaths of 295 passengers was an “act of terror” and an “act of war,” according to top Democrats on House Foreign Affairs and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-MI) said Thursday the perpetrators of the attack “If it’s a country, either directly or indirectly, then it could be considered an act of war.” senior administration official told reporters Wednesday “You have seen on social media over the last week convoys of Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry combat vehicles, Grad rocket launchers, Howitzers, self-propelled mortars flowing into Ukraine” ...

The US Has Unfinished Business in Ukraine and Iraq
June 24, 2014 Stratfor, George Friedman,
In recent weeks some of the international system's unfinished business has revealed itself. We have seen Ukraine's fate is not yet settled, and neither is Russia's relationship with the European Peninsula. In Iraq we learned the withdrawal of US forces and the creation of a new Iraqi political system did not answer the question of how the three parts of Iraq can live together. Geopolitical situations rarely resolve themselves neatly or permanently. These events pose a difficult question for the US. For the past 13 years, the US has been engaged in extensive, multidivisional warfare in two major theaters -- and several minor ones -- in the Islamic world. The US is large and powerful enough to endure such extended conflicts, but given that neither conflict ended satisfactorily, the desire to raise the threshold for military involvement makes logical sense. US President Barack Obama's speech at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point sought to raise the bar for military action....
The Ongoing Ukraine Crisis...On the surface, the Russians have suffered a reversal in Ukraine. Whether this is truly a reversal will depend on whether the authorities in Kiev are able to rule Ukraine, which means not only forming a coherent government but also enforcing its will. The Russian strategy is to use energy, finance and overt and covert relationships to undermine the Ukrainian government and usurp its power.It is in the interest of the US that a pro-Western Ukraine emerges...but not overwhelming enough to warrant US military intervention. There is no alliance structure in place to support such an intervention, no military bases where forces have accumulated to carry this out, and no matter how weakened Russia is, the US would be advancing into a vast country whose occupation and administration -- even if possible -- would be an overwhelming task. Americans would be fighting far from home, Russians in their backyard... The US must adopt an indirect strategy... Ukraine and Iraq radically different have a single thing in common: To the extent the US has an interest in the regions, it cannot act with direct must act with indirect force using the interests and hostilities of parties on the ground to serve as the first line of supporting factions of interest to Washington

MH17 disaster: Social media posts, phone recording used to blame Russian separatists
Social media posts - most hastily deleted - suggest pro-Russian rebels thought they had shot down a Ukrainian military jet.
7/18 10:39 am Sydney Morning Herald

Social media information war: Official IDF English Twitter account has more than 300,000 followers.

MH17 crash: For Malaysia Airlines, disaster strikes twice
...March 8, Malaysia Airlines jetliner flight 370 vanished about an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.. a Boeing 777-200ER...veered off course during a flight to Beijing... The search area has changed several times, but still no sign of the aircraft or the 239 people aboard....[see digest for critical info.]

A Malaysia Airlines plane en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in separatist controlled area.. carrying 280 passengers and 15 crew, the airline confirmed...Ukrainian officials confirmed death toll “at least 295.”...includes 23 U.S. citizens, according to a Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser quoted by Interfax.

Malaysia Airlines Plane Brought Down by Missile in Ukraine: US Official
Jul 17, 2014, 5:53 PM ET
...The pro-Russian separatists who control the area where the flight crashed have agreed to allow investigators safe access to the crash site to recover bodies and gather evidence, according to a statement by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe...Obama, at a fundraising event in Delaware, said, "..Right now, we're working to determine whether there were American citizens on board. That is our first priority, and I've directed my national security team to stay in close contact with the Ukrainian government."..

The Daily Beast: MH17 Black Box 'sent to Moscow for investigation'
July 17, 2014, 11:40 p.m
During the first few hours of the rescue operation, rebel militia discovered remains of over 100 people... The "black box" from the airplane traveled to Moscow "for investigation" radio Kommersant FM reported.. Kremlin expert, Sergei Markov, said in an interview with The Daily Beast. “Our official version is it was a Ukrainian Grad; Russia’s intention is to push Ukraine to peace talks as soon as possible and establish an independent federal region, Novorossia, that would include one third of Ukraine,”

Obama Says Malaysian Jet Downed From Rebel-Held Area in Ukraine
7/18/14 8:20 AM PT
The conflict in Ukraine which morphed into Europe’s biggest crisis since the Cold War, catapulted to the world’s attention with the crash of the Malaysian plane...“This war can be ended,” U.S. Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power told told the security council. “Russia can end this war and Russia must end this war...Should pro-Russian separatists — with the direct or indirect aid of Russia — ultimately be proven responsible for the shootdown, analysts said the calculations in the region could change....“How Europe reacts, we don’t know. It could go either way,” said Andrew Wilson, senior policy fellow in the London office of the European Council on Foreign Relations....Russia’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin, told the 15-member council today the U.S. is pushing Ukraine to escalate cooperate with international investigations, FM Lavrov said Russia would not accept the black box rebels said they recovered from the plane....

In the Ukraine War, Putin’s Veil of Deniability Has Vanished
The Kremlin's thin veil concealing its waging of war against Ukraine effectively disappeared weeks ago for anyone carefully watching the evidence. But now it has vanished even for the casual observer. Moscow's escalation of the war since the start of July has created too much clear evidence to permit President Vladimir Putin any further benefit of the doubt. And this is the case no matter what turns out to have shot down the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine today...

Brzezinski: "It is Time for Europe to Stand Up"
CNBC quotes Brent Scowcroft Center Senior Fellow Ian Brzezinski on what Europe's response should be to the Malaysian airliner downed near Ukraine's eastern border with Russia:
Brzezinski, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council who focuses on trans-Atlantic security, said Europe does have leverage over Russia, and should use it."We are talking about a $12 trillion, globally integrated economy versus a $2 trillion gas station with only one customer. It's time for Europe to stand up."

Crash Site and Missile Launch Within Area of Rebel Activity
Source: Ukrainian Council of National Security and Defense
It was not clear whether the same missile battery brought down the Malaysian aircraft on Thursday, but officials said that either way, they believed the unit had been transported over the border from Russia in recent days. After months of trying to gently prod European allies to take tougher action against Moscow for its intervention in Ukraine, Mr. Obama decided to raise the diplomatic temperature Friday on both Russia and American allies. He sent his US UN ambassador, Samantha Power, to the Security Council to describe what she called “credible evidence” the separatists were responsible...she said she could not “rule out technical assistance by Russian personnel.”...Obama then went before the cameras to argue that whatever the investigation found, Russia’s aid to the insurgents led to the disaster. “What we do know is that the violence that’s taking place there is facilitated in part, in large part, because of Russian support”. He said Europe should pay attention, noting most of the passengers were Europeans, including 189 from the Netherlands. “That, I think, sadly brings home the degree to which the stakes are high for Europe, not simply for the Ukrainian people, and that we have to be firm in our resolve” he said...He later called British Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to talk about the disaster. He also spoke with Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia, which had 27 passengers on board, and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. spoke with President Petro O. Poroshenko of Ukraine. In their own public statements, European leaders expressed outrage but showed little eagerness to escalate the confrontation with Russia...
* U.S. Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, top NATO commander, warned last month that the Russians had trained separatists to operate some of the heavy weaponry, although he did not mention SA-11 missiles specifically. At a briefing Friday, top Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby, said “It strains credulity to think it could be used by separatists without at least some measure of Russian support and technical assistance.” “Whether it was a system that was driven across the border by Russians and then handed off, we don’t know,” he said.

U.S. Cites Signs of Russian Links to Jet's Downing
Spy satellite data persuades Obama to lay indirect blame at Putin's door
7/18 by Peter Baker, Michael R. Gordon and Mark Mazzetti,
...Speaking at the White House, he tried to channel international indignation toward Russia for what he called an “outrage of unspeakable proportions.” Mr. Obama said the episode should be “a wake-up call for Europe” and “should snap everybody’s heads to attention” about what is going on in Ukraine, where a pro-Russia insurgency has become an international crisis....

* NATO Operation Allied Force - United States Department of Defense
U.S. Air Force Gen. Philip M. Breedlove Assumes U.S. European Command (EUCOM) and Supreme Allied Commander NATO global operations Breedlove currently serves as commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, U.S. Air Forces Africa and Allied Air Command, and director of the Joint Air Power Competence Center.
April 22, 2013
April 22, 2013

Obama says downing of plane a "wake-up call" for Europe over Ukraine conflict
7/19 Reuters CNBC
"This certainly will be a wake-up call for Europe and the world that there are consequences to an escalating conflict in eastern Ukraine; that it is not going to be localized, it is not going to be contained," Obama told reporters Friday...The scale of the disaster could prove a turning point for international pressure to resolve the crisis in Ukraine...
While the West imposed sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, the US has been more aggressive...Analysts say the response of Germany and other EU powers to the incident could be crucial in deciding the next phase of the standoff with Moscow. Some commentators even recalled Germany's sinking of the Atlantic liner Lusitania in 1915 which helped push the US into World War 1, but outrage at Thursday's carnage is not seen as leading to military intervention...German Chancellor Merkel said it was too early to decide on further sanctions before it was known exactly what happened... Britain took a similar line but later echoed Obama pointing the finger at the separatists....

Putin was attending the BRICS summit in Brazil, as was Chinese president Xi, with Caribbean and Latin American leaders

“The BRICS bank will be one of the major multilateral development finance institutions in this world,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday..

A Chinese oil rig exploring near disputed islands in the South China Sea is moving towards China's Hainan island after it had reported it had found signs of oil and gas.

Powerful typhoon hits southern Chinese island Hainan

BRICS Create Development Bank to Rival IMF, World Bank
July 15 the five-member nations BRICS group announced it will be ... Monetary Fund dominated the field will face competition from now on 

Emerging Nations Bloc to Open Development Bank
RIO DE JANEIRO — At a meeting in Brazil, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa announced today they were establishing a development bank to challenge the influence of venerable institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The New Development Bank, based in Shanghai, will open with an initial capitalization of $50 billion. India will name the first president, according to a statement from the leaders of the so-called BRICS group of nations, Russia and Brazil will select other top officers...“This provides security, a kind of safety net for BRICS countries and others,” {Brazil's president) Ms. Rousseff said.
Taken together, the New Development Bank and the contingency fund reflect ambitions of forging a new global economic framework. Nations like Brazil already have huge development banks that dwarf the World Bank in size. Still, leaders in emerging economic powers chafe at World Bank and I.M.F. policy prescriptions which emerged from the Bretton Woods monetary conference in New Hampshire 70 years ago. While the US has long wielded influence in the global economy through those institutions, China, which accounts for about 70 percent of the collective gross national product of the countries represented, has tried to play down its staggering economic weight in the bloc. But that could change over time, analysts said, if animus grows over China’s trade surpluses with other members. “There may be potential cracks in the facade of unity once China asserts its interests,” said Eric Farnsworth, vice president of the Council of the Americas and the U.S. Americas Society. The BRICS countries face other challenges like slowing economic growth. Still, while the bloc involves countries with varying levels of economic growth, vastly different political systems and an array of simmering issues like the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine and the territorial disputes between China and its neighbors, analysts caution that its potential clout should not be taken lightly. “They still have just shy of half the world’s population,” said Kevin P. Gallagher, Boston University professor of international relations, emphasizing the influence BRICS countries have... “They are a force regardless of their growth rate, which will remain faster when averaged than the West’s for years to come.”

With friends like the IMF and EU, Ukraine doesn’t need enemies
Kyiv may face disillusionment with Europe if it follows austerity prescriptions
...we don’t have to look to Greece or Spain to see the risks of signing on to a program of fiscal austerity and reforms run by the IMF and its European directors. Ukraine has had its own recent experience to draw on: In just four years, from 1992 to 1996, Ukraine lost half of its GDP as the IMF and friends took the wrecking ball to the Russian and Ukrainian economies. Ukraine’s economy didn’t start growing again until the 2000s. For comparison, the worst years of the U.S. Great Depression (1929 to 1934) saw a real GDP loss of 36 percent...BRICS promise to do things differently, offering no-strings-attached loans that do not permit the lender to meddle in a country’s domestic affairs...a direct affront to the World Bank and IMF, whose "one size fits all" loan programs mandate unpopular austerity measures and budget cuts while encouraging rapid export production — a model that developing world economists say stunts a poor country’s domestic institutions, undermines its leadership and molds it into a commodities workshop for the West. Argentina, whose IMF-imposed budget cuts in the 1990s hastened the country toward default, is often held up as the poster child for Bretton Woods reform....